We’ll work together to customize a
program of services designed specifically for you.


We will assess your academic and extracurricular profile, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. We’ll help develop a strategy for your application process, including choosing the right mix of target, reach, and safety schools.

Guidance on selecting colleges that fit your academic interests, career goals, financial situation, and personal preferences.

Help with filling out college applications, including assistance with organizing application materials, meeting deadlines, and ensuring that all requirements are met.

 Assistance with brainstorming, drafting, and refining college essays and personal statements. We’ll provide feedback on content, structure, and tone to ensure essays are compelling and authentic.

Coaching for college interviews, including mock interviews and feedback, tips on how to effectively answer questions, and advice on presentation skills. 

Guidance on how to develop a strong extracurricular profile that showcases leadership, commitment, and unique skills or interests.

Assistance with understanding financial aid options, completing financial aid forms like the CSS, ISFAA, ISCOF, and identifying and applying for scholarships.

Continuous emotional and moral support throughout the application process, helping to alleviate stress and confusion.

If placed on a waitlist or deferred, we will provide strategies to improve your chances of eventual acceptance.

Once acceptances are in, we will help you make the final decision on which college to attend, considering factors such as financial aid packages, program strengths, and campus environment.