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Scholarship Workshop

Our YAFGhana scholarship workshops and mentorship programs are designed to equip low-income students with information about the various scholarship opportunities available in Ghana and abroad.

Since 2017, our workshops have reached over 10,000 students in 50 different schools across the country. Of this number, 70% are girls. In addition, our network of volunteers and mentors has also grown from 10 to 60 in just three years.

As YAF Ghana continues to grow, we hope to strengthen our partnerships with Education in the USA, the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, and the Ghana Ministry of Education to enable us to reach more students through our workshops. By the end of 2021, we hope to reach additional 5,000 students in both the northern and southern parts of Ghana.

Scholars Program

YAFGhana empowers high school graduates from under-resourced communities to complete college and become agents of change in their communities.
Since 2017, YAFGhana has enrolled and matriculated 25 scholars. Below are just a handful of colleges our YAF Ghana scholars are currently enrolled:

· Harvard College (1)
· Princeton University (1)
· Cornell University (2)
· Duke University (1)
· Tufts University (1)
· Amherst College (1)
· University of Wisconsin-Madison (1)
· University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (3)
· New York University, Abu Dhabi (4)
· Ashesi University (2)
· Alcorn State University (1)
· Gustavus (1)
· Pomona College (1)

Financial Aid

In over three years, YAFGhana has fundraised $75,000 + and secured $4,000,000 + in financial aid for its scholars.



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