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Congratulations To Kelih B. Henyo

February 14, 2022 admin 0 Comments

Today, the Young Achievers Foundation Ghana celebrates Kelih Henyo on his acceptance to Princeton University. Kelih is a graduate of Prempeh College and the YAF Ghana Scholars program.

Kelih has received a full scholarship of approximately $81,000/year to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Robotics and Intelligent Systems at Princeton.

The YAF Ghana family celebrates Kelih for his exceptional accomplishment🥳💪🏾!

Go Yafalians!




Read More About Kelih’s Journey:

I’ve never felt like I fit in well almost everywhere I’ve been. I’ve either been too passionate about my EV3 LEGO set -to my Math teacher’s chagrin- or too lax about cleaning my work table at home. When I was much younger, I tried to water down my strongest passions to fit in: singing tenor like ‘every boy should’ instead of hitting alto or tucking in my shirt neatly. But all this felt like a lower ideal: it just wasn’t me. In violently pursuing the many oddities that sum me up, I’ve found that I don’t need to fit in to have a meaningful existence. So whether it’s with the Quiz Team at Prempeh College losing one contest after another, or getting to use needles on people at the hospital, I’ve grown to embrace my whole self, accepting what I can and can’t do, and I’m willing to see where this mixed bag of interests and passions leads on this rollercoaster of a life.

I’m grateful to YAF Ghana and its alumni for helping me believe that even I could pursue a Princeton education. I’m also grateful to Scholarship Access Project and UpRaise Coaching for all their invaluable inputs on the journey from Prempeh College ’20 to Princeton ’26, and to PharstCare for inspiring my interest in the intersection of healthcare delivery and technology, and giving me the chance to experience this at work.

To all the influences that have shaped me, I’m brimming with gratitude and I envision myself paying all the seeds of encouragement and mentoring forward as I begin my college career.

Can’t wait to see you, Princeton 🐅

#Princeton ’26