Ferdinand is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment through access to higher education. Over the last seven years, he has dedicated himself to assisting low-income Ghanaian students in securing full scholarships to U.S. colleges. In 2017, while still in his freshman year of college, he established the Young Achievers Foundation Ghana (YAF GHANA), a prestigious leadership program that supports Ghanaian youth in achieving college education. This program not only helps students achieve their academic goals but also connects them with a network of peers, mentors, and professional opportunities, promoting both personal and leadership development.

Ferdinand’s efforts have been primarily focused on guiding students through the complex college application process, helping them to develop narratives that effectively communicate their identities and ambitions. His guidance through YAF GHANA has enabled 200 students to overcome the competitive college admissions process and obtain full scholarships to study at their dream colleges. To address the shortcomings of traditional college application methods, Ferdinand introduced the Comprehensive Narrative Strategy.

This personalized approach aims to enhance students’ likelihood of gaining admission and scholarships to leading U.S. colleges by emphasizing the importance of a well-told personal story to set applicants apart from their peers. His aim is always to help students effectively highlight their lived experience, while making the college application journey less daunting. After seven years as Founder and Executive Director of YAF GHANA, Ferdinand now provides tailored college consulting services for a small cohort of clients.
He also conducts workshops in high schools, emphasizing social entrepreneurship and access to higher education. Ferdinand holds a B.A. in Government from Wesleyan University and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Princeton University. Outside of his professional and academic pursuits, he enjoys watching movies and playing FIFA.

Richard is a seasoned financial aid advisor and college application expert with an impressive track record in the educational sector. Holding a BSc in Information Technology from the University of Education, Winneba, and a certificate in Project Management  from The New School, USA, Richard has built a career marked by dedication and impact. His journey began at Lead for Ghana, a pioneering initiative focused on eradicating educational disparities in Ghana’s underserved communities. During his tenure, Richard committed two years to teaching in a rural setting, where he executed a capstone project that profoundly affected his students and their wider community.

In 2020, Richard advanced to the position of Vice President at YAF Ghana, playing a crucial role in guiding students through their college and financial aid applications. His expertise and attention to detail in the financial aid and college application process have been instrumental in securing full scholarships at top U.S. colleges for over 120 students. 

Richard’s vast experience has established him as a vital resource for students facing the daunting financial aid and college application process. Beyond his professional endeavors, Richard is deeply committed to his church, contributing his time and energy to various volunteer activities. In his leisure time, he enjoys the simple pleasure of watching movies.