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Read&Play is more than just an initiative; it’s a movement aimed at harmonizing sports and academics within the Ghanaian educational system. Despite the prevalent belief among parents and teachers that sports could potentially hinder academic performance, Desmond’s own journey stands as a powerful counter-narrative.

Desmond’s story is one of transformation — from having little interest in sports to becoming an indispensable member of his school’s basketball team, thanks to his impressive height of 6ft 3in and a coach’s encouragement. His academic achievements are equally remarkable, graduating Opoku Ware School with top grades and scoring in the top 1% globally on his SATs, eventually leading to his admissions into Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Now, as Desmond prepares to graduate from Harvard with a degree in Economics and a passion for pursuing a career in Sports Management, he’s set on inspiring Ghanaian students to embrace both their academic pursuits and athletic talents. Desmond’s Read&Play initiative challenges the outdated notion that sports are merely for the academically disinclined, showcasing that it’s indeed possible to excel in both arenas.

As an active member of the Harvard Club Basketball team, Desmond embodies the very essence of what Read&Play seeks to promote. His commitment to being a shining example for the youth of Ghana underscores the importance of blending academics and sport in high schools across the nation.

We at YAF Ghana are excited to rally behind Desmond and the Read&Play initiative as he work towards creating a more inclusive and holistic educational environment in Ghana, where students are encouraged to pursue both their academic and athletic dreams.

👏 Join us in celebrating Desmond’s achievements and supporting his vision for a future where sports and academics go hand in hand in shaping well-rounded individuals.

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